I Dont Understand How The URL Works

I Dont Understand How The URL Works

Postby General Admin on Mon Dec 22, 2008 8:51 pm

I Dont Under Stand How The URL Works!

In your control panel you have a unique url or link. Its a web address for the Home Inspector Forum just like http://www.homeinspectorforum.co.uk.

To read more about the control panel read the thread on the link below:


The difference with your unique link (url) is when someone clicks on it or enters it into their web browser they still go to the Home Inspector Forum home page as normal, but they are tagged as being referred by you.

Your unique link ends with your username, this is how the affiliate program knows you referred the member to HIF and not someone else.

From the affiliate link in your user control panel you will be able to see all the people that you have referred to the Home Inspector Forum.

If these members go on to become Subscriber members you will earn £3.00 per subscriber as a referral commission.
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