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Information for Sellers:
Please post as much information you can about the item/s you are selling. Don't forget to supply contact information on the advert (PM or phone). Please update the advert with SOLD when the item/s has been sold.

Postings from commercial organisations are not permitted, please contact for more information if you want to post a commercial listing. Only private individuals are allowed to post items for sale. All Commercial listings will be removed.

The HI Forum can take no responsibility for the reliability of a buyer.

Information for Buyers:

The HIFORUM can take no responsibility for the accuracy of any advert or the reliability of the seller. If you are in doubt DO NOT proceed with the purchase. This service is offered free of charge and will be removed if abused.

You can post any items within reason, tools, equipment and books to personal stuff like cars and mobile phones. Please be as acurate as possible with the description.
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