Northgate Accreditation Scheme: Russell Osborne

Northgate Accreditation Scheme: Russell Osborne

Postby MikeC on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:30 pm

Head of Northgate, Russell Osborne, talks about the accreditation scheme everybody knows of, but few (outside the corporate-employed world) know much about (and yes, it is open to independents!).

Listen: Russell Osborne Northgate Accreditation Scheme


    Northgate background: Just how big is Northgate and how does its background help?
    Software woes and should it be made more helpful to assessors?
    DEA auditing and quality: What is Northgate's approach and attitude? Should more be done industry-wide?
    Accreditation watchdog: Shouldn't schemes be consistent anyway? Are there too many?
    Training companies: Russell makes the mistake of mentioning the T-word!

...and of course, much more!

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