DEA Roundtable #3: Get rid of "low-life scum"!

DEA Roundtable #3: Get rid of "low-life scum"!

Postby MikeC on Thu Dec 18, 2008 11:52 pm

John Semens and returning roundtable guest (with 30 seconds notice - literally!), Malcolm Scott, go over the last 12 mths since HIPs became mandatory on all homes and share their battles.

Surviving (and pulling through) the collapse of Habitus
Coping with really busy periods, and the troughs
Fees and overheads
Panels - a service or hindrance?
Marketing - John and Malcolm share what has worked, and what's not

I do enjoy the roundtables - Many thanks to both John and Malcolm

Listen/show-notes: DEA Roundtable 3

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