Subscriber to Professional Member

Subscriber to Professional Member

Postby General Admin on Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:41 am

Hi All,

If you have recently upgraded to Subscriber but have not yet upgraded to Professional here is what you need to do to finish the upgrade.

> Log Into the Forum
> Click "User Control Panel"
> Click the "Profile" tab

No complete the following fields

HI or DEA = Tick Box
Trainee or Qualified = Tick Box
Accredited Yes/ No = Tick Box

Your accreditation number will now be checked manually and once confirmed your account will be upgraded to Professional Member.

We cant upgrade any members to Professional that do not have an accreditation number via the website. If you are qualified but not accredited please email a copy of your certificate to member services and provide a brief explanation of your role within the HIP market.

If you have any problems upgrading please email member services via the form at the bottom of every page "Contact Home Inspector Forum Limited".

Many Thanks
Ryan Powell
Home Inspector Forum Ltd
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