Google Toolbar As A Spell Checker

Google Toolbar As A Spell Checker

Postby General Admin on Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:56 pm

Hi All,

I had been going on at Tom for ages about you guys really wanting a spell checker but as hard as we looked there just doesn't seem to be anything available yet for the version of PHPBB we are using.

So to cut a long story short Tom suggested Google Toolbar for the built in spell checker.... and you know what it works. If you are not already using it then I strongly suggest giving it a go, download it from here:

Once installed I switched off everything i could other than the spellchecker because browsers with a million buttons annoy me.

OK once downloaded and installed lets check to see if it works, click the check button on my browser and....

Six mistakes in such a short post!

Well I am happy with this as a short term fix, I cant believe that I hadn't used it before when it was right under my nose too! Not sure what browsers are supported but its well worth a look.

Hope this helps.

Ryan :D

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